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Aavanor Hospaa3-Online Hospital System

Aavanor Hospaa3 is a fully integrated, online hospital management system. It is a completely scalable web application, and can be used by hospitals of all sizes.


It is especially useful for hospitals with multiple locations as Aavanor’s advanced Business Intelligence solution allows management to strategically analyze Financial, Administrative and Medical parameters from a Data Warehouse.

The technology used in developing this product makes it robust and extremely flexible to implement. J2EE technology, Service Oriented Architecture and a Work Flow Engine allows setup at the hospital level to accommodate minor changes to work flow that exist in different departments and hospitals within the organization.

Extensive use of open source technologies allows us to offer a low ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ to Hospitals. Apart from significant initial savings, benefits can be achieved at every stage of growth within the organization.

SundanceTargeted at single and multi-physician practices, Aavanor Sundance is a hybrid system that offers an integrated solution for Practice Management and Medical Records maintenance. It offers a mix of both Forms based and Imaging based data capture, that allows the doctors to use the system at their pace and convenience.

Some of the features offered by Aavanor Sundance


Practice Management Features
Handling patient appointments
Storing patient contact and background information
Other contact information (doctors, hospitals, etc)
Office utility tools such as formatted referral letters, etc.
Integrated pharmacy
Monitor quality of clinical care
Inter-operability with other clinical systems

Medical Records Features
Recording patient diagnosis, symptoms
Administering multiple questionnaires and scales
Printing prescriptions
Systematically recording patient status in clinical notes
Recording drug reactions and being able to provide instructions to patients in their local language.
Conduct clinical trials

Different versions of this product are available by specialty. Over 1000 licenses of Aavanor Sundance have been purchased for use by Indian Doctors.