No Entry Stores

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in Purchase and Stores, we follow a concept called ‘No Entry Store’. Here the attempt is to reduce manual intervention in ordering. The system first registers all authorized suppliers, the rates for items that are purchased repeatedly and terms for payment. When stock levels fall below re-order levels, the system automatically suggests the lowest cost vendor and the price agreed upon. Orders are typically placed as per the system suggestion (>90% of the time) and when an alternate vendor is selected, the purchasing authority is required to record the reasons for the variance. Again Management has deep insight into the actions of the Purchase department and is able to refer to specific transactions with accurate details in their daily or weekly review meetings. The transparency that the system provides ensures that one of the most ‘troublesome’ departments for hospitals is immediately made accountable. The ‘No Entry’ sign refers to both reduction of manual entry thereby speeding up the process and making it more efficient, as well as sending a strict message that this is a ’No Entry’ zone for fraud and misappropriation.